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Let’s talk staying on track!

Hello beautiful! You are at a different point in your pregnancy or post – pregnant journey than you were last time you checked in. How are you feeling? Did you pull your first all nighter since college? Are you up peeing every hour on the hour? Cravings having your mood swings going hay wire?! Just remember your beautiful bundle of joy makes every step of this journey worth it!

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about The Track. We are always putting ourselves (or maybe just telling ourselves!) we have to stay on track. Whether it’s the track to eating healthy during your pregnancy, the track to getting back into pre – baby shape, or the track of life! We are always putting ourselves there. And sometimes we put so much pressure to get there and stay there, that we actually lead ourselves away from it. So how can you keep yourself there??! I want to share some things that really helped me and I hope they can hep you too!

I always tell myself to stay on “The Healthy Eating Track” which we all know can be SUPER hard during a pregnancy, and quit possibly worse after! I’m going to sound like a broken record, BUT … keep a food diary. Seriously. If you use it religiously and the right way it was be very beneficial. There’s a variety of food journals available. If you are someone who is pretty consistent with what you eat, meaning you typically eat the same thing daily, then a plain ole’ notebook should be fine! If you are someone who varies daily, then you might want something that breaks down categories and calorie / nutrition value. You should typically consume 300-500 more calories per day than your normal diet and by keeping this food journal, you will be able to see exactly what you are eating and drinking, and it will help you to stay on “The Healthy Eating Track” and stay away from overeating!

Set goal(s)! Write them out, decorate them cute and pretty (if you want!), and hang them up where you can see them! I wrote mine, I decorated them with my daughter and I hung them on the inside of my vanity mirror where I could see them morning, noon and night. They can be big goals or small goals. Daily, weekly, or monthly .. it doesn’t matter. It could be eating more veggies, drinking more water, getting to the gym three days per week …. Either way, your goals just have to be there. One of my goals was to hit 12,000 steps per day. It sounds easy but you’d be surprised how hard it was was to hit my goal on a daily basis! I had days I would check my Garmin and it would say 7,500 steps at 2pm … no way possible! But it got me up and moving… and believe it or not keeping moving helped boost my energy! It is easy to get discouraged, especially when you’re tired, you’ve been up all night, or your weeks away form that little one’s arrival and you just want to veg out… I get it! But you have to set goals, fully commit to them, and act on them … every. day!             **Make sure to set realistic goals. Don’t go crazy and overwhelm yourself. If you’re someone who has a harder time sticking to something start with one small goal. If you are self-disciplined try starting with two monthly goals!

Reward yourself. You set your goals and you meet them. Now what?! Go buy yourself something you deserve! Did you eat healthy all month long? Go get a manicure or pedicure! Did you make it to the gym three times a week for several month? Be proud of yourself and go buy new workout leggings … or maybe even a prenatal message. You deserve it Momma!

You’re not going to like what I am about to say, BUT … hear me out. Skip the take out. Yes, you read that right. Skip it. Think about this …. when you go out and eat pizza, how do you feel afterwards? Tired, bloated and probably wondering why you ate it in the first place, right? When you eat out you eat approximately twice as many calories as you would have if you made the same thing at home … TWICE the amount! Carbonated drinks can leave you feeling this way as well. Here is some food for thought. no pun intended ? A doughnut has an average of 350 calories. It takes an average of swimming for 35 minutes or walking for 54 minutes to burn off. Instead of reaching for that glazed doughnut, look for a healthier alternative. In a later post I will share some of my favorite sweet tooth curbing and fast food  copy cat recipes that are much healthier options!           **It is ok to give into your cravings once in a while. It you do not you may end  up over indulging later on which can lead to weight gain and continued eating.

Ask yourself if you really need this or if you’re bored. This is a GREAT one! Our mind plays tricks on us, these tricks are even worse when we’re pregnant. Our mind is triggered to think we are hungry when we see / hear other people eating, your kid(s) as for a snack, seeing a food add on TV or in a magazine, when you’re stressed or when your’re bored! Here are my two tricks I like to play on my mind ….. First, I drink some water. I’m not a huge fan of plain water so I add some fruit. Strawberries and mint (mint will also help with any nausea!), cucumber and mint, lemon, lime, oranges, anything! I like mine room temperature and I drink at least 8 oz. Then I go do something to take my mind off of it. If I am still hungry my body will signal it is time for me to eat and I chose a healthy option that I can eat while I am on the move.

Join a group or find a buddy!! This is my BEST piece of advice to staying on track. Find a few other pregnant or post partum moms and talk a walk to a local park. Find some benches or sturdy surfaces to do some modified pushups or a ledge to do step – ups. Emotional support is great and it will keep you accountable.

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