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A Baby Shower WOD!

A Baby Shower WOD!

Hey there Momma! Happy Monday! Instead of sharing fitness / nutrition information today … I thought I’d share a super fun experience from this past weekend!

A gym I am a member of hosted a Baby Shower for one a Momma member who is due with her little on in three weeks! My husband was out of town so it was just the kids and I …. and this was BY FAR the BEST baby shower I have ever been to! The invite went out on Facebook and apparently I did not pay attention to the details very well …. This was a Baby Shower WOD (work out of the day). What on earth??! Thankfully I decided to throw on work out pants! I swear I own real pants … I just never wear them …. like ever!

The little’s and I show up to the gym …. all of the rower’s are out … What did I walk into?? This was supposed to be a party … maybe some mocktails, preggo-tini’s … not rowers and kettlebells! But I guess this would make up for my non-existent workout this morning … oops!

9 rounds for 9 months of being pregnant! Good thing no one brought up that being pregnancy is actually 10 months ? Haha … but wait…. there was a twist ….. someone pointed to the corner of the gym where all the medicine balls were …. with an industrial sized role of plastic wrap! Yup … we had to do the workout “pregnant”!


I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the comments coming from the guys! :::

“Oh (rubbing belly), this isn’t so bad!”

“Come on, this is going to be easy!”

“If a girl can do this, I can easily do it!”

While they were troopers to be pregnant for an hour, they definitely had a hard time with a big ole’ belly in the way. Watching them try to swing a kettle bell and do a dead lift was comical!

Fastest time was just under 45 minutes. Natalie and I finished in 45:16!

This was BY FAR the BEST baby shower I have ever been too! Super fun, interactive, and everyone laughed throughout! If you’re having a baby shower for someone who is active and truly enjoys working out, give this a try!

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