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The HARDER the battle … the SWEETER the VICTORY!


I am Spartan!

8 miles, 24 obstacles, 90* heat, and 7 BADASS teammates!

This is what I LIVE for! The adrenaline, the challenge, the determination, and the accomplishment completing a race designed to push me past my limit.

This past weekend my friends and I ran the 2017 Spartan Sprint at the Richmond Hunt Club in Richmond, Illinois. We completed eight miles running in water, calf deep mud, and extreme heat through a farmers field and it was AMAZING!

I try to sign up for a Spartan Super Race two times per year. I wouldn’t classify myself as an athlete, just your average full time mom to four little’s who likes to test her limits!  If you’re competitive (or not!) like me and just signed up for your first race you’re probably wondering what you should bring. While there is no right or wrong answer … everyone’s preferences are different. Side note … I am a big list-er. I make lists for everything in my life and I go over them repeatedly! So if you’re getting ready to run your first, or next, Spartan, Tough Mudder, or Warrior Dash here are some things you’ll want to make you do and have:

Fuel:  The night before the race make sure you eat a good, hearty meal. Your muscles need the proper nutrients to fuel to muscles during your race. I stick to a lean protein (chicken or fish), veggies and a carb (typically white rice). The day of your race, a nutritious breakfast is key. Steel cut oats and nut butter is a great option. If you get what I call the pre – race gitters, pack an RX Bar. Blueberry is my favorite!

Sleep: At least 8 hours of sleep the night before is a MUST. You’ll want to be well rested no matter what our start time is.

Water: Water is a great source of energy for your muscles and it aids in recovery. Drink a gallon of water PER day for at least three days prior to your race. You will want to bring a Camelbak the day of the race. There may be water stations along the way but not very many. This is also a great place to store extra energy.

Energy: Your energy tank may be close to empty depending on how long your race is. Anything over 5 miles I always make sure to have a pack of Clif Shot Blok Salted Watermelon Energy Chews in my Camelbak. They are easy to eat when running and they don’t cause my to bloat or cramp.

Salt tabs / Mustard packet: Depending on when and where you are running your race, you may be in extreme heat. These will help almost instantly when if you cramp up.

Clothing: What you wear is personal preference … but you should NEVER wear cotton clothing. You will be going through water so anything cotton or baggy will weigh you down. Performance wear or compression is best. If you plan to train before your race, wear your attire to make sure you will be comfortable when running.

Gloves: These will come in handy when you come across a rope climb or you dig your way up a hill covered in slick mud.

Shoes: This is another personal preference. You will see racers wearing a wide variety of shoes from Vibram FiveFinger shoes to Nike to New Balance … sometimes even barefoot. Whatever shoes you wear make sure they are comfortable for you, have a grip and train in them before race day!

Towel: You are going to be muddy, wet and probably smell like sewage … but hey, that’s half the fun! There are places to rinse off after your race and the last thing you will want is to change into your clean clothes while you’re still dirty. A bar of soap wouldn’t hurt either!

Change of clothes: Bring something light, comfy and easy to put on.

Plastic bags: You’ll want a place to put your dirty, wet clothing and shoes (if you don’t lose them during the race!) in. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a few extra’s just in case.

Attitude: Bring your best attitude! Race day will come quick and it may be intimidating, especially if this is your first race. Just remember how strong you are and that these race are designed to push you to your limits! You can do this!

Good luck on YOUR race day!

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