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312-725-4802 Briana@MightyMomFit.com

 Mighty Mom Fit’s

One – on – One Personalized Coaching Programs!


Our Mighty Mom Fit One – on – One Coaching Program is designed specifically for YOU… YOUR lifestyle …. YOUR goals!  You will learn that being fit, empowered and strong is a lifestyle. This is NOT a quick fix. It is going to take hard work and dedication to get there. But if you’re ready, we will do it together every step of the way!

When you choose Mighty Mom Fit’s One – on – One Personalized Coaching Program, not only will you learn how to make a lifestyle change and how to create lifelong healthy habits, you will ALSO receive: 

  •  Access to me personally! Yes, me. Have a questions about nutrition or a work out mid – day? Great … Ask me! If you’re having a rough day and don’t have motivation, hit me up! We will push through it together and get you back on track. Anything. Anytime. I am your resource!
  • One 30 minute Kick Off Coaching call via Skype!
  • Two 15 minute check in face – to – face phone calls per month via Skype!
  • Your own general nutritional advice packet that will provide you with:
    • My recommended must – have grocery list
    • How to properly read a label
    • Advice on how to eat and when
    • Recommended daily water intake.
  • Access to the Mighty Mom Fit private Facebook group that provides you with 24/7 accountability, daily motivation, your go – to place to ask any and all health and fitness questions, and check ins with Briana (the original Mighty Mom) and your Mighty Mom Fit community!
  • Private access to TWO weekly in home LIVE workouts!
  • Three personalized workouts, in additional to the weekly LIVE workouts, per week per month tailored to your goals, availability and lifestyle!
  • Access to private group challenges!
  • You can’t stop once you reach your goal, right? You need to learn how to maintain your new lifestyle. I will provide you with advice and tips to continue on this journey!

Trust me .. you don’t want to miss this opportunity! 

Here’s the deal … Our One – on – One Personalized Coaching offer is valued at $249 / month.

But right now, we are opening up FIVE additional spots. So you get EVERYTHING listed above … 5 weekly workouts, weekly meal plans, access directly to me and MORE! … ONLY $97 / month! That is less than half price!

If you’re seriously interested in investing in your health and fitness future … don’t hesitate!

Meet your Trainer … Briana!


Hey there! I’m Briana and I am the original Mighty Mom! Not only am I am health and fitness coach, I am a lifestyle leader and a Momma to four little’s. My oldest is 6 and my youngest just turned 1. I have my hands fill with running a ‘zoo’ (just kidding! Maybe …) and managing the home front, with a husband who works 60+ hours / week. I totally get it when you say you don’t have time or you can’t find the motivation. Not long ago I was there myself! But that is why I created Mighty Mom Fit. I want to help YOU juggle a chaotic life of balancing the household and the little’s; your job; and your health by creating a calm and structured day!

I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a certified Personal trainer and I have been helping individuals just like you all across the country! My main focus is give you the confidence and energy you want AND need, while feeling healthier, stronger, and empowered!