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My Top 8 Tips for 1st Timer’s!

The gym can be a scary place. It’s big, overwhelming, people everywhere and machines that look like they’re from outer space! Intimidating, I know.

But whether you’re headed to the gym for the first time ever, or in months, I want you to feel confident.

So I wrote down my TOP 8 tips that will have you walking in the gym with confidence and leave knowing you conquered your workout!

1. Start with the basics. Do exercises that you are comfortable performing with proper form. If you’re using machines, do not worry about maxing out your weight. Increasing weight will take time. And don’t worry if you cannot complete every rep in your set! Try doing a rep scheme of Round #1: 10 reps, round #2: 8 reps, round #3:, 6 reps, round #4: 4 reps.

2. Pay attention to form. Critical. If your form is off you can risk straining or spraining a muscle, or even worse .. injury. Some key things to remember when performing any exercise is to full engage your core, concentrate on lifting/pushing/pulling with the muscle(s) you’re working and to breathe.

3. Listen to your body … always! If your body is telling you to rest, REST. Not doing so could lead to overusing a muscle group, strain or injury. And stop if something doesn’t feel right.

4. Ask for help. Gym hire certified personal trainers for a reason .. they know what they are doing! If you are unsure if you’re doing an exercise right or you need help decided what exercises to do, ask. That is what they are there for! Just make sure you don’t ask a PT when they are with a client, politely wait and they will more than happy to help.

5. Hydrate. Crucial. Make sure you always bring a water bottle with you. Hydrating with help replenish and repair your muscles.

6. Dress for success. Walk in to the gym ready to workout in the proper attire. Wear properly fitted clothing (nothing too baggy), gym shoes that tie and hair pulled back. Winter months are touch because we bundle up. If you don’t wear your gym clothes under your sweats, make sure to keep an extra pair in your gym bag. The last thing you want is to get the gym with no clothes … or shoes 🙂

7. No one is watching you! Everyone is there for the same reason … to workout! So put on your headphones and do your thing!

8. Slow and steady wins the race … every. single time. This is the start of an incredible, new journey. Don’t overwhelm yourself by rushing into it thinking you’re going to max out on day one. Take your time. Set your goals. Plan your workouts. And be patient. Your results will come!



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