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My secret to achieving AND maintaining your H & F goals!

Hey there Momma! Alright … let’s dive right in. You want to know the secret to losing weight, getting toned and staying in shape, right? Keep reading …

Well, I don’t have a magic pill. But I do have the answer. You may not like it…. but I’m gonna keep it short and sweet, and give it to ya anyways!

The secret is DDC. Dedication. Discipline. Consistency.

Let’s break it down…

Dedication::: Are you fully dedicated to changing your current workout style and eating habits? Is your mind in this? I bet you’ve gotten gung-ho on an idea before and dove right in, head first, without a thought or a plan … but there was a small voice in the back of your mind that said “Hahaha. Ok, this sounds good now… but in two weeks…” Am I right? Well, you have to tell that voice to shut up and get out. Once your mind is ready and you have 100% decided that you WANT this change to happen … you have reached your dedication.

Discipline::: Are you ready to commit the time and energy it takes to achieve and maintain this new lifestyle? Because I will tell you this … it’s not always easy … but it IS worth it. Every minute spent meal prepping, every hour spent working out, it is worth it. You will have days that are harder than others and you will have temptation starring you in the face saying “eat me!” BUT, you will come to a point where saying ‘no’ will be easier than ever because you know that by saying ‘no’ you are deciding to make healthier and smarter choices for your body. Once this happens … you have reached have reached the level of discipline needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Consistency::: The HARDEST part. Week one and two were great. You went in strong, you stayed strong, but now … your meal prep is starting to decrease; you’re telling yourself ‘I’ve done so good this week I deserve this; I’ll work out later (but you don’t); or Netflix sounds like a good idea. WHAT?? Yes. It happens. And I bet is has happened once or twice, or more, to you too! The days where you don’t want to workout, meal prep, or fuel your body properly … are actually the days you need it most. You have to stay consistent. Consistency is what is going to get you where you want to be. Stay consistent!

I’ll also give you another not – so – secret .. secret of mine …. slow and steady wins the race … every single time. Diving right in is going to get you in trouble. You need a plan. If you’re old school like me, get a piece of paper and write it down. What does your week one look like, your week two, and so on. Make a S.M.A.R.T goal. Write that down, too. If you take your journey one day at a time, it will be easier to stay on track and to reach the goals you set for yourself. I promise!

Stay. Consistent.

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