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My Favorite Post Work Out Mighty Meal!

Hey there! Did you just get done with 4% of your day?? You know … your workout! If so, way to go!

If you’re doing my Mighty Mom Fit Body Program or One – on – One Personal Training, you know how important it is to fuel your body with the proper nutrients. Fueling your body is not only what you eat before a workout, it also includes what you eat AFTER a workout. So, do you know what to eat and when to eat it?

Believe it or not … what you eat afterward can either make or break your workout. I recently read in Men’s Fitness that you have a 45 minute window in which your body is the most responsive to refueling. However, I personally aim for 30 minutes. A few key items to stay away from are carbonated drinks, raw veggies (not enough nutrients to refuel your body), salty / greasy foods, bacon, and doughnuts … no matter how good it sounds!

Three key things we need to refuel after a workout are protein, carbs and healthy fats! And that is what you have in my favorite post – workout meal!

Egg: This your protein source. Each eggs contains approx. 6 grams of protein and 70 calories.

Toast: My carbs. I only have one piece. If you don’t have bread, slice a sweet potato length wise and put in the toaster!

Avocado: These babies are high in potassium which may help reduce soreness and muscle cramping after your workout!

Give this a try after your next workout! Head on over to our Mighty Mom Fit Facebook page and let us know what you thought. We’d love to hear 🙂 

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