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My #1 secret to KILLER abs!

Hey there Mighty Mom!

I am asked on a regular basis … “How do I get abs?” and when I respond most look at me like I am crazy!

And it’s true … I do have the fail proof secret that works every. single. time! And I am sharing it with you!!!


Seriously! You can spend hours at the gym, doing endless cardio or insane amount of crunches … but nothing is going to work if your nutrition is lacking. Let’s dive a little deeper..

When we hear terms like ‘shed fat’, ‘losing weight’, or ‘defined’ we automatically assume we need to go on a calorie restricted diet. Wrong.  Yes, you will lose weight on a calorie restricted diet (meaning eating 2 – 3 meals per day)but you cannot train your body to lose fat efficiently. Restricting your eating may also lead to unstable blood sugar levels, over eating and making poor fuel choices.  Therefore, you need to eat and we need to eat better.

You should be eating between five and seven times per day. This includes your meals and your snacks … both of which should include protein. Protein is the building block of your muscle and the more muscle you have the more efficiently your body will burn fat! Protein also helps increase your Resting Metabolic Rate which is the rate your body burns calories at rest. * This is a good thing!  Doing so will help curbs hunger cravings, maintain stabilized blood sugar levels and it will prevent over eating.

Mix a variety of carbs in your meals. This will keep your body guessing. I like to this of this like medicine. If I take 5mg of medication on a daily basis, after a while my body is going to become adjusted to it and chances are it may no longer work. Now I have to go back to the doctor, explain it is no longer working. His answer is to switch the medication. In regards to our nutrition, our answer is to switch up our fuel.

Each time you eat, whether it’s a meal or a snack, you should have one glass of water. H20 is essential. Among it’s list of benefits, water also breaks down of fuel to use as energy. Without this breakdown, our fuel will be stored as fat.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. This is your body’s way of saying you are entering the first stages of dehydration. The same goes for eating. Don’t let this happen!

Although nutrition plays a bigger role in having killer abs than exercise, you can’t skip training your core! Whether you dedicate a day or two a week to training or add 15 minutes at the end of your sessions several times a week … getting your core work in is necessary!

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*To read more about your Resting Metabolic Rate and how to calculate it, check out this article.

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