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Mighty Mom Fit’s Kitchen Essentials

Hey there!

Have you ever been half way through a recipe and realize you don’t have the right piece of equipment? Now you’re googling alternative ways to make zoodles, blend the ingredients for pesto sauce or another recipe for the perfect hard boiled eggs. I know this has happened to me in the past and it was frustrating! I learned that if I didn’t want this to keep happening, I was going to have to set myself up for success. Piece by piece I have gathered my kitchen essentials. I have put the list together for you with some different price points!

1. Hard Boiled Egg Maker. I heave tried at least 100 recipes for making the “perfect hard boiled egg” and I finally came to the conclusion that there was no such thing. Until this …. I love this little guy! It cooks six eggs at once and take approx. 16 minutes. Note: If you do a second batch right away, the cooking time may be less. But they peel absolutely perfect! Check out this great color option at Target !

2. Measuring Cups / Teaspoons. I have found my favorites to be these nested measuring cups and progressive snap fit measuring spoons to be great and sturdy. Plus they are colored and it makes it much more fun when the littles help!

3. Meal Prep Containers. Any variety is totally fine. I personally like the containers that have two compartments such as these. I also order 8 oz. containers for things such as sides or soups. Most are microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

4. Veggie Chopper. I like this because it is much quicker to put large chunks of my veggies in this and chop them. You have two size options as well. This is a great essential to get if you have littles that enjoy helping! Cut those peppers and let them ‘smash them’! Note: You can find this for half of the price at Aldi’s as a Special Purchase .. so keep an eye out for your local Aldi Flyer!

5. Veggie Peeler / Spiralizer.  Whether you are making sweet potato ribbons or zoodles ( fit tip: careful which veggies you peel. Veggie skin such as zucchini and squash are loaded with fiber!) this is a must have! It makes things quick and easy. I use this peeler and this spiralizer.

6. Food Scale. A lot of Mighty Mom Fit recipes state protein ounces in weight .. for example 4 oz. of chicken. Only way to tell exactly what 4 oz. is, is to measure it! Try this one! Note: make it easier to clean by lying cling wrap down before your ingredient.

7. Ninja or Blender w. Single Cup Serving. Ok, so the Ninja is a bit expensive .. I know. BUT .. if there is one kitchen essential you are going to splurge on .. I highly recommend this is it! The ninja is great for making muffins, blending ingredients for soup, making pesto sauce, cookie dough, etc. It also comes with single serving cups for smoothies, prepping ice cream or blending smaller portions. Get this! Note: If you belong to Costco, or know someone who does, keep an eye out on their ads. We bought our for $159!

8. Bottle opener. I don’t think I need to explain this one 🙂 And bonus if it’s rose gold!


These next two are optional .. but great additions to have!

Instapot. I purchased this because it makes things easier for me on hectic days and last minute meal decisions. (<– yes, there are times we run out of pre-prepped meals!) When this happens I instantly turn to my Instapot. There are several sizes at different price points. The two selling points for me … 1. You can put all of the ingredients in together and 2. It cooks in a fraction of the time a crock pot would!

Teapot. Nothing fancy but I love to make my favorite detox drink first thing in the morning! My electric tea pot heats up quick and has auto shut off. Perfect for the days I am running out the door!


I hope this guide gave you some great ideas to add to your kitchen essentials and will help make your healthy lifestyle easier and more efficient!

Leave a comment below and let me know what fun kitchen gadgets are your favorite! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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