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How traveling and put a damper on your long awaited vacay!

Hello – Hello, Mighty Mom! My hubs and I just got back from Orlando last night … I am SO excited to be home!!


They say traveling is the best way to escape life and recharge yourself. And don’t get me wrong … It is. But what about the side effects?

Wait, did you even know traveling could have side effects beyond jet lag and being sleep deprived?

I didn’t.

At least I didn’t until about a year ago when the hubs and I went to Sonoma. My joints were aching, and my entire ‘being’ felt off. Wine country + feeling off = not a fun way to vacay!

As great as this trip was, I experienced first hand some of the negative side effects of traveling. The most common side effect is …. SLEEP! 

But what are some others way our body is affected by travel?


Bloating: The changing of air pressure in the cabin can cause a build up pressure (or gas) in your body, which could lead to bloating, gas, and the ever dreaded constipation.

Swelling: You know that feeling … your shoes are starting to feel tight, your fingers are stiff, and your pants are digging into your stomach. I call this the Airplane Swell. Sitting too long, and not drinking enough H2O, can cause a buildup of blood around your joints causing them to swell and lead to discomfort.

The “When in Rome” cravings: It doesn’t matter how many times you swore you would not eat a carb on vacation – when you walk by a native pastry shop or bakery, you know what’s going to happen right?? You’re going to eat it. Although you think this doesn’t start until you get to your final destination, it actually starts at the airport with sweet and salty foods you grab to nibble on before and during your flight.

Dehydration: Studies have found that your body can be deprived of up to 50 ounces of water on a three-hour flight. That is almost half of the daily recommended water intake! HALF!

Bathroom schedule: Your digestive tract slow down when your 30,000 feet in the air. So all of those delicious snacks you picked up in the airport are now sitting in your intestines …. Waiting. And if you’re dehydrated on top of this … your bathroom schedule could be thrown off for a few days. Not only were you gassy and bloated on the plane … now you’re gassy, bloated AND constipation on your vacay!

Exercise habits will decrease: Not only will jet lag completely suck the life out of you but skipping your daily workout that your body is so used to will take it to an even lower level. And not to mention getting back into your workout routine when you get home will be much harder! 


These all might seem like ‘little’ side effects but combine them all together and you could be putting a serious damper on your long await tropical vacay!

So what are some quick and easy ways to ensure you get the best out of your time away?!!


Hydrate: Bring an (empty) blender bottle with you. As soon as you get through airport security fill it up. And when it’s empty, fill it up again. If you’re someone who needs a reminder to drink, set a timer on your phone for every hour and drink at least 8 oz.

If you’re out for a nice dinner or to local promenade, have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage.

Staying hydrated will also help keep the sweet and salty cravings at bay!

Probiotic: I highly recommend finding a probiotic that works for you and starting it a week or two before you leave. If you’re not a ‘pill’ fan, try a lemon ginger tea with probiotic. Drink a glass every night before bed to stay on your morning routine 😉

Ankle exercises: When you’re sitting in your seat on the plane, doing simple ankles exercises such as pointing, flexing and rotating your ankles will help keep your blood circulating.

Routine: Do you best to stick to your regular morning routine. Get up, get your workout in, and drink a big glass of H2O. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, don’t worry. There are plenty of exercises you can do in your hotel room. Check out one of my favorite equipment-free workouts here!

Essential Oil: Ok, so this doesn’t really have anything to do with the above side effects … BUT … essential oils are GREAT for traveling. If you’re feeling jet lagged or sleep deprived, place a few drops of lavender on you pillow or on your chest before bed. Lemon is my favorite to boost mood and energy levels and orange brings me a sense of calmness … especially when traveling with four littles 😉


Have a traveling ‘hack’ that works wonders for you?! Drop a comment below, or send me an email briana@mightymomfit.com … I would love to hear!



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