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Eating healthy when dinning out ..


Is there such a thing?!

There is! And it’s easier than you think!

The food and beverage industry have seen a major change in recent years. Our demand for of healthy, whole foods has forced these industries to rethink their menu offerings.

Eating at a restaurant no longer means sabotaging our hard work you put in during the week. It is easier than ever for you to make smart choices.

Here are my top tips that will keep you on point when dining out:

  • You’re paying for it … get it your way! Do not fear being the pain in the ass guest. Seriously. Order your dish the way you want.
  • Stick to lean meat. Chose cuts like top sirloin or bottom round; boneless chicken breast – ditch the skin if it comes with; and fresh fish such as salmon.
  • Grilled, baked or broiled are best. Stay away from fried.
  • Ask if they have a healthy menu option. If they don’t they may provide a calorie count or place a symbol next to healthy choice items. Beware: not all salads are better choices than a wrap or other entree!
  • Check out the appetizer section. If there is no healthy choice menu and their regular menu if full of fried foods, they may have ‘lighter fair foods’ here.
  • Watch for word cues. Stay away from items that say: creamy, breaded, crisp(y), sauce, stuffed, buttery, pan friend, or cheese sauce.
  • Ask the waiter to skip the bread basket or chips and salsa. This can easily add on an additional 350-500 calories to your meal. Yikes!
  • Check the menu out online ahead of time.
  • Ask for dressings on the side. If you do get the dish with the dressing on your item, send it back and ask for it on the side. Refer back to the very first tip!
  • Try the Fork Dip Method! Instead of putting the dressing on yourself and mixing your item, place the fork in your dressing then your item. You will amazing at how much dressing you will have left 🙂
  • Ditch the FuFu drinks. Try a vodka soda with two fresh limes.
  • Ditch the soda. Drink the water! If you don’t like plain water, ask for a lemon/lime/orange.

Check out these great options next time you’re out. I know, they are probably now your choice for Date Night … but hey, I am trying to give universal options 😉

Chipotle: Burrito bowl minus the tortilla strips.

Panera: 1/2 broth soup (chicken noodle or black beans are great choices) + 1/2 turkey and artichoke sandwich. If you do opt for a full sandwich ditch the chips and grab the apple. Their kids menu has some great options for the little’s!

Jason’s Deli: Build your own sandwich on a whole wheat wrap.

Chik – Fil – A: Spicy Southwest salad or grilled chicken nuggets.

Starbucks: Protein box or the spinach, feta and egg white wrap. Starbucks protein box is my go-to when I am on the run and running on empty. I know exactly what is in it and what I am putting into my body. Bonus that it keeps my body fueled for several hours!




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