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Aldi and I are BFF’s!

Although it hasn’t always been the best relationship, Aldi and I go way back. I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

I remember being six or seven years old, standing at the end of the checkout line watching my mom bag her own groceries. The store was dingy, the aisles were cluttered and the food was … well, alright the food was OK. The cheese crackers and special treats were good, but the rest not so much. It was a love hate relationship.

… fast forward a few years ….. er, a decade …. ok, two decades….

Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without Aldi. Seriously, we are total BFF’s. It’s been several years (ok … decades) since I’ve shopped there. We moved four years ago to a new location I was not familiar with. The only local grocery stores were the ‘local grocery store’ (ehhh) and a market (talk about over priced). I googled local grocery stores … the next closest one … Aldi. Why not give it a try, right? Let’s see if this place changed.

I grabbed my quarter from the car, got my cart, walked in and WOW! What a total difference from what I remember. I walked into a bright, spacious, well laid out store. You still have to bring your own bag, but the prices were just as I remembered them … cheap! The produce was fresh and crisp; there was meat from local farmers; there was healthier choices for dairy options; there was some great ‘special purchase’ deals; great deals on baby products; and best of all …. CHEAP WINE!! I loaded up my cart, literally loaded it up. I got to the check out line and could not believe my total … less than $150! This. Is. Amazing! My decision to give Aldi another shot made my week! From that day on, Aldi and I became the best of friends!

Keep an eye out for my blog on my favorite Aldi finds!

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