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312-725-4802 Briana@MightyMomFit.com

About me...MightyMomFit

Can’t find the time to workout during the day? Workout buddy bailing on you again?! Don’t have a gym membership? No problem! Mighty Mom Fit brings the workouts to you in a fun, energetic, and supportive environment!

Mighty Mom Fit empowers new moms, moms – to – be, veteran moms (and dads!!) and just all around busy moms get fit and healthy while giving you the energy and confidence you need to get through the day!

Let’s break it down … you’re a mom and you’re busy. You will rarely, if ever, find time to do something for you. Unless of course you have a full time nanny, maid, taxi service and a professional chef. And if you do, I’m jealous!

But your health and fitness is important to you right?  You need to MAKE time. And that is what Mighty Mom Fit does. I am here to provide you with short, safe and effective workouts that will get you the results you want! The best part? You can do this in the convenience of your own home and on YOUR schedule!

Mighty Mom Fit has developed Your Body Back Program that will make meal prepping something you look forward to and leave your body craving another workout! We host three LIVE! 10 – 30 minutes workouts every week. They are short, but effective, and will be easy for you to fit into YOUR schedule! All of our nutrition advice is strictly that … advice. You do not have to follow a specified meal plan limiting your food intake and you will not get a calorie or macro count. In fact, MMF doesn’t believe in ever weighing yourself and counting calories or macros. What you will get is delicious and nutritious meals that are quick and easy to prep and make.

If you are ready to FUEL your body and get FIT like a Mighty Mom, you’re only one click away!