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What supplements do I take?

What Supplements do I take?

The other day I posted on Instagram this picture with the caption “Never thought you could eat pizza and still have abs?! Think again .. here’s proof!” I seriously had just eaten an entire half of a medium BBQ Chicken pizza by myself. No joke. Pizza is a weakness of mine!

A friend of mine who comes to my 6am Bootcamp class immediately asked me what new supplement I was taking. This was definitely not the first time I have been asked this question. I have recently had an increase in Facebook friend requests to sell Herbalife, Isagenix, Beach Body, and Plexus. So I thought I would write a blog post on what supplements I am taking and why. Here’s my list ::

Did you just highlight it thinking there has to be something there?! Don’t worry if you did, you’re not the only one. There is nothing there to see. Why? Because I do not take any supplements. None. I don’t even take a daily multi-vitamin. Nothing. Crazy, right? Everyone now – a – days takes something … whether it’s a pre-workout, protein powder, BCAA’s, fat loss supplements, etc. But I don’t **. And here’s why ::

They are not always Natural. There are a lot of products, and it goes way beyond health and fitness, that state they are natural. This is not always true. Think about this … how did the ingredient make it’s way into the supplement? It had to undergo some sort of process, right? Maybe not everything, but most of the ingredients did. Natural does not always mean safe.

Supplements do not always do what they say they will. Products claim to reduce overall body fat or burn fat faster. But you have to change your nutritional habits in order to get those results. But guess what? If you change your nutrition habits you will get the same results without taking a supplement! Save your money.

Pushy sales people. This says it all. Stop pushing your products on me. If I want to buy it, I am going to buy it without your sales pitch. But I don’t want your supplement so I am not buying it!

Caffeine. The new trend in the fitness industry is pre-workout supplements. A LOT these supplements have caffeine. Companies do not always use the word ‘caffeine’. Just like there are a ton of other names for sugar, they are there for caffeine as well. For me, caffeine gives me a great ‘high’ but an awful low and it makes me jittery, my skin turns read

Protein supplements = bloat. No matter what type (whey, soy, casein, etc.) or how I prepare it, protein supplements make me feel like I’m 6 months pregnant. I’m gassy and achy, which is no fun. I eat my protein instead. There is always grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs prepared and ready to go in my fridge. A 6oz. piece of grilled chicken has over 40 grams of protein. This sounds much more delicious than a chalky protein shake. And it doesn’t leave me feeling bloated! Just because

$$$. Let’s be honest, supplements can get pretty pricey. And depending on how often you are taking them, they don’t last very long. I would rather take that money and spend it on some really delicious food that is going to satisfy my hunger, fuel my body with the necessary vitamins and minerals I need, and it going to leave me feeling my best.

TONS of products are being endorsed by celebrities which make them that much more enticing. If it worked for The Kardashian’s, it has to work for you too, right? Not always! Some important to ask and research before deciding on a supplement choice :

  • What are the potential health benefits?
  • What are the potential health risks?
  • What ingredients are in the supplement?
  • What process do the ingredients under go?
  • How much and when should I take the supplement? 


Please Note:: Just because I choose not to take supplements does not mean you need to make the same choice. Every body is different and every body processes differently. This is my choice, not my recommendation.


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